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Every day thousands of girls suffer such form of abuse in silence and put up with domestic violence.

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Yasmern fuking

In my five months of marriage, I had never had any transparency to his assets or his salary because he never considered me his partner.

I was a slave from a third world country with parents far away from home.

Despite being his wife, I enjoyed no such place or position.

There were restrictions laid upon me on going out by myself, cooking for myself, or my husband, and even staying in touch with my friends or family.

The day I got married, not even 24 hours after my parents left Chicago, I was evaluated on the dowry that I was given.

My in-laws felt that it wasn’t enough – even though my dad had given all that he could.I never spoke of his foul behaviour in worry that it would affect their health.My mother-in-law would summon me and make dowry requests.They wanted to exert control over every aspect of my life; I was forbidden from working or socialising, and bound to them in every way.I was to say I felt suffocated it would be a gross understatement.I was imprisoned in my own house and would cry to my sister about my pain, if I had the fortunate opportunity of talking to her.

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