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Gozen Air (frequency 131.45) agent had everything sorted for us.

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On Tuesday the group left for Nevshehir-Kapadokya LTAZ.

Thursday morning most of the aircraft left for Adana LTAF while two Greek aircraft (incl. On Friday the Fly In officially ended at Adana and remaining aircraft flew back to Israel and Ankara, Turkey, while the two Greek aircraft from Kapadokya flew to Istanbul-Gokcen LTFJ.

Also, because we were foreign aircraft flying into Turkey planning to fly outside IFR airways, we had to get prior permission for the VFR flights.

If we were to fly VFR via (underneath) the IFR airways perhaps no permission would be needed but we got it anyway from Turkish CAA just to be on the safe side and we had to include the permission number in the Flight Plan supplementary information when we submitted for each of the flight legs.

At the same time SX-APZ from Makedonia was (who entered Turkey via VEXOL abeam Chios LGHI) was entering left base 34.

As we arrived in Menderez airport (Cargo apron for GA) pilots and passengers from all over Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Iraklion, Kos) met at the apron, some of them for the first time.

On our way there on the ATC frequency we were listening to Cessnas SX-APG , SX-ABI, SX- APZ and SX-APV who were on their way to Izmir from Makedonia LGTS and flew abeam of Mitilini LGMT.

We arrived at Mitilini and our friend Manolis Argiropoulos from Mitilini Air Club came to greet us.

After an hour at Mitilini we departed for less than an hour's flight to Izmir-Menderez LTBJ. After departure we flew North towards exit point AMANI, switched VFR transponder code from 7000, used in Greece, to 1200 used in Turkey and turned right towards South while admiring "Aivali" resort on Turkey's western coast.

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