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I do love that Syed had to do the reassuring, as a kind of power balance between them. As always, beautifully written and very hot..sweet too!

The price of this DAF FA 1600 is £8,241 and it was produced in 1982.

This machine is located in Winterswijk Netherlands.

: D “Syed's cheeks burned, his arms crossing almost defensively as he kept his back to Christian – but he was unable to not hear the hungry swipe of a tongue against Christian's lips, the excitement that trembled in his breath, and, despite himself, he couldn't help but feel his pulse quickening in response.” I love how Syed has these two conflicting sides of him, that reserved, quiet, easily embarrassed side..then the tiger side which often longs to be released, and that Christian draws out of him : D "I'm not laughing at you," he took a step forward, reaching out so that he could splay his fingers across Syed's breastbone; Syed felt his heart thump a little harder in its cage, fighting to get closer to the touch.

The power and strength in Christian’s body and how he wants to take all that and give pleasure to the man he loves. "He'd never have thought that the feel of icy flesh on his palms would have turned him on as much as it did – but that, coupled with the flick of Christian's tongue as it traced the throbbing line of his jugular, sent his brain into some sort of tailspin." - HOTTT. But HOTTT -_- Syed being trapped by his shirt above his head - love.

Sorry if some people are OOC but this is my first time writing a drastic AU. His sisters, Karin and Yuzu, were in the two front seats beside their energetically chattering father; Karin's scathing remarks accompanied by Yuzu's scolding not deflating the immature man's excitement. Shiro didn't do well with travelling, so the albino teen was stretched out along the backseat, his head resting on the redhead's lap with an arm hanging off the edge of the backseat and the other draped over his stomach.

Ichigo didn't mind though, he absently ran his fingers through snow white hair – which was more out of habit then anything."Hey, Old Man. " The redhead called over the cacophony of three voices.Dad got a transfer to some clinic in a town called Karakura or something." He shrugged and adjusted his sitting position against the car door. " Ichigo snickered when the eldest male Kurosaki squawked that he was 'far better than that depressing man.'"You're not gonna be sick, are you? ""Oh, Shiro's always sick." Karin cuttingly remarked while looking sordidly at the scenery shooting by. I don't want vomit all over me.""I hurl if all of ya don't shaddup! ""Fuck you, old man."Ichigo rolled his eyes in exasperation, clamping a hand over the albino's mouth before any more profanities slipped out. " He cooed sickly, grinning a little at the disgruntled expression his younger twin shot up at him."Fuphh yophh." Was the muffled growl accompanied by a venomous glare with molten gold eyes. " The hand that was recently clamped over the albino's mouth skimmed down the albino's pale shirt, the eldest twin grinned when Shiro squirmed in discomfort. ""Tch." The albino lethargically batted away the hands from his ticklish sides in mild irritation."Personally I think Dad just wanted to get away from our old home since…"The two twins fell silent at that, allowing the three way argument up front to fill the sudden quietness. " The redhead asked, looking cautiously at the greenish tint that coloured the youngest twin's normally alabaster skin. "He catches some illness practically every week, and he gets motion sickness. " He immediately cringed as a wave of nausea roiled his stomach with the sudden movement. "You have to sleep with your Ichigo Teddy Bear.""Soccer freak." The albino retorted weakly, clutching at his stomach when his light breakfast tried to escape. Ichigo winced a second afterwards when this statement was followed up by the albino's tongue licking his palm but he did not remove his hand. That's disgusting."A smudge of victory stained the younger twin's golden eyes."Oh-ho! "You cheat, King, so it doesn't count." Shiro thumped the back of Karin's chair when snickering could be heard. And will you stop sticking pictures of Mom everywhere, please!Live Career’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using Live Career’s Resume Builder.Title: BLEACH – Immaculate Rating: T Pairing: Ichi Hichi Disclaimer: Tomatoes are red, blueberries are blue…um, mangos are yellow, unlike…orange? 'You know, when you're fifteen, you're not supposed to be sharing a bed OR shower with your twin brother.' Ichi Hichi. A/N: BLAME OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB FOR THIS STORY!!!!After activating your account you will use your email address as your User ID to gain access to your account profile.

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