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Out Australian singer Brendan Maclean explained that his NSFW music video "House of Air" -- a controversial clip that stars adult film actors and features hardcore gay sex, urination, bondage and defecation -- was born out of a desire to celebrate gay history while smashing "boring" stereotypes.

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Maclean didn't seem fazed by You Tube's actions, alerting his 26,300 Twitter followers to the news Wednesday afternoon.

("Degenerate queer" reads Maclean's official Twitter bio.) "Ah, what a journey.

"There, snuggly positioned between various musings on queer culture and biographies of Harvey Milk, I spotted a very plain, very thin grey book: Gay Semiotics by Hal Fischer," he explained in The Guardian.

"Vaguely familiar with the handkerchief codes of the early '70s, I found myself unable to part with its scholarly yet delightfully witty take on the movement.

George Michael didn’t soften his videos to make people feel comfortable, and in his wake I am given so much hope from groundbreaking queer artists -- rapper HTML Flowers, songwriter Kira Puru, journalist and photographer Jonno Révanche -- and their common value: fearless truth-telling," he wrote, adding that he did encounter challenges during the production when a global imaging company refused to print the footage and, later, when some crew members asked for their names to be removed from the credits. Maclean said he was stoked to find that You Tube megastar Pew Die Pie posted a response video, which helped garner even more attention to the clip.

Also, he received communication from a 70-year-old legend from Australia's queer community.

You Tube, however, has just dubbed it inappropriate, yanking it from the site after 10 days, more than 700,000 views and an explanation that "this video has been removed for violating You Tube's policy on nudity or sexual content." Also shocking is the fact that the video stayed up as long as it did. 30 debut but since it remained live on You Tube, that meant many users had time to drop loads of opinions in the comments section.

Many of those were, as one can imagine, not very kind if not a bit confused over how it remained active on the site.

I see now that people were mad that we displayed kink and fetish in a joyful manner," he explained. ' And now I just smile and think, cool, that's your own issue not mine." Maclean -- also an actor who appeared in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby -- got the idea to do something provocative yet educational when he was in a library hidden inside a well-known London sex shop.

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