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At the end of the two hours narration Nadirshah showed interest in directing the film.

After that they approached Jayasurya for roping him for one of the three lead roles. For the second lead role they considered Prithviraj, but was skeptical about approaching him with their script as they considered him as an actor who had done some films which has much acclaimed screenplays.

Amar is children's mini-kart driver in a shopping mall and is a lecher with a number of unsuccessful loves. His father Narayanan (Sasi Kalinga) is a security officer of a roadside ATM counter, his mother (K. Rejimon loves to talk about the disasters occurred in others life and revels in them.

Malayala Manorama rated 3 out of 5 stars and said "As the film tries to capture everything in the running time.

Nadhirshah skilfully maintains a pace in the plot and effortlessly switches between fillers, comedy and thriller, like a seasoned director".

He is admitted in the general ward, and there he meets other patients and begins to chat to know each other. Faizal explains the reason by narrating a story about his three best friends Amar (Prithviraj), Akbar (Jayasurya) and Anthony (Indrajith). Lalitha) is an expanding colony marriage broker and Resmiya (Srinda Ashab), an orphan women who lives together in their house with her daughter Fathima/Pathumma (Baby Meenakshi) after her husband flees away with her gold ornaments, for the marriage was arranged by Amar's mother. Three of them have a common enemy 'Nallavanyana Unni' (Ramesh Pisharody) aka Unni whom their parents consider as a standard benchmark to compare them.

Amar, Akbar and Anthony lives in a slum area in Fort Kochi, three of them are from poor families. Apart from their usual work they occasionally work as catering service boys for marriages and other functions under Rejimon (Saju Navodaya).

However, before invoking their final vengeance they are intervened by the Police and to their shock are informed that it wasn't the Bengali who killed their Fathima but the colony's beloved Sir (V. Sreeraman), he was outed by a victim of his pedophilic abuse.

Both the Bengali and the Sir are brutally murdered as a social justice and cleansing of the community by the people of the colony.One day before the official release, the trailer was leaked on the video sharing website You Tube on 4 October which was later removed by You Tube.International Business Times rated 4/5 and said, "Amar Akbar Anthony is sure to make you laugh with some fresh homage comedy throughout.The inebriated trio make a fight during the festival because Akbar finds the man who punched him in a car park. The next day, a boy comes to the family to inform that Fathima's body was found in a dump.Police verifies that similar girls under the age ten are missing from surrounding area and several of their abused dead-body is found in various places.Police suspect a habitual pedophile Bengali who was convicted for similar charges in Bengal and might have relocated with the migrant working community to Cochin, after his release.

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