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Feeds can also be specified per invocation on the command prompt.

For dependencies, you can specify where the restored packages are placed during the restore operation using the Specifies a Nu Get package source to use during the restore operation.

I have been told by my teacher that the surface of a fluid is always perpendicular to the net force acting on it.

The reason being a fluid can not withstand tangential stress and if a shear stress is applied to it, it will slip until the surface becomes perendicular to the net force.

Feeds are usually provided via the Nu Get.config configuration file; a default one is present when the CLI tools are installed.

You can specify more feeds by creating your own Nu Get.config file in the project directory.

Consider for example a fluid with no external force acting on it at all - say a container of liquid in zero gravity.

The fluid in that container doesn't form a surface, except at the boundary where the fluid molecules may bump into the wall of the container.

By default, the restoration of dependencies and tools are done in parallel.

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