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Knowing which dating sites to avoid will really get you off to a great start in your search for cyber love.With the inability to know exactly who someone is, we online daters trust the sites to do most of the dirty work and to keep us safe and secure.Messages don’t send (or you send them over and over by accident), the site is slow to load, and the photos on people’s profiles are so small that you literally need a magnifying glass to even make out if they are human.

Professional photos are your best Online Dating investment.

There's a LOT of other photo no-no's, but this is the most important.2. If you're uncomfortable about some hair loss, shave it off!

The top 4 turnoffs for men and women when it comes to online dating. Whatever it is, writing dating profiles and coaching around the process is my most requested service. My top twenty "what not to do with your photos", is an article by itself.

Perhaps it's because I'm the right age to accept online dating as a valuable tool instead of as a desperate (and strange) last resort, or maybe it's because I met my incredible husband there.

There are some drop dead beautiful cougars out there. Women will hit that delete button so fast it will make your head spin, if you ignore what's written in her profile.

She knows that she's one of 100 women that you've just emailed a canned message to because you liked her photo.

Unlike the structure of this article, your profile must be positive and talk about all of the things that you love. Do not post photos of your dog, car, airplane, house, or view from the mountain you just climbed. Many women find shaved heads sexy and a little edgy.

Stating a list of things that you DON' T want tells him that he'll never be able to please you.3. Your bio should be a story that draws a clear picture of you, and not a string of adjectives. Everyone thinks that they're "fun, just as comfortable in blue jeans as a formal gown, intelligent, honest...." Ask your friends and family to recall their favorite stories about you, and use those to form your dating profile. No matter what, I can not get women to overlook this. If you can, have some one read it before you post it! Do not cut other women out of your photos or post group photos.

None of the results remotely matched what I was looking for and some did not even have a profile! Once you have paid to subscribe to a membership on this site you can say goodbye to your .95/Month as you most probably won’t be meeting anyone apart from con artists.

Apart from the infuriating scam emails, it is the shockingly bad user interface of this site that sets it apart from the rest.

My biggest piece of advice to both men and women is: You are only wasting your time, and there is someone out there who is perfect for you just the way that you are!

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