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that though both she and her kids would love to see her dating, she's not back out there just yet. '" she says of the rumors that her and Prescott are an item. "At this point I wonder, 'Is there someone who can pop in and take up our crazy situation and enjoy it and would be good for us? "Leah says, 'We need someone besides you to look up to.' They long for it." The reality star -- who is currently competing on -- admits that she'd "love to believe in love again," and has a pretty good grasp on what type of person she's looking for. This person would have to be not just willing, but excited at the prospect of eight kids and all the craziness." VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Waiting Tables, Bartending A new season of , the mother-of-eight ponders whether there is a person out there who can take on her big life.He's also a father of three from his previous marriage.

A lot of people just can't withstand all the movement in our house."When Kathie Lee Gifford asked her if she would consider dating a man with eight children of his own if he was the guy of her dreams, she expressed reluctance, before saying, "Well, wow, he'd have to be quite amazing."Kate and ex-husband Jon Gosselin's twin daughters are now 15 and their sextuplets are 11.

The family rose to fame in 2007 with the TLC show show her kids give her advice about fashion and yes, even dating."Mainly Maddie, but I have to tell you...

The stars didn't exactly split on an amicable note. I buy their own groceries, they have their own groceries at my house, their own bedrooms, their own stuff, it's doubled." "He lives his own life," Kate also told ET last September about the current status of their relationship.

UPDATE: Jon Gosselin just reacted to Kate's tell-all interview ... Earlier this year, her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, claimed he hadn't seen the now-12-year-old in a year and a half -- and now, we may have some inkling about why.

The star failed to get her followers sympathy, however, as one commented that Gosselin was using her kids’ money to buy stuffs.

“Of course you buy EVERYTHING,” another scoffed at the reality tv star, remarking “That’s because you have 8 kids under the age of 14.

I have no idea where it came from, but they all have strong opinions," she joked.

VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Reveals the Secret to Keeping Her 8 Kids in Line at Home Prescott, 51, is COO and co-founder of Dreamstine, a microstock photography agency.

Throughout the fall of 2009 and into the winter of 2010 there rumors of Jon Gosselin dating a variety of people.

According to Jon Gosselin's representatives, the only relationship he has at this time is with his 8 children.

, returns for a new season soon and while the kids are older, one thing appears to remain unchanged: Mom still hasn't found love.

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