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Note: Since I wrote this article, I have gotten many letters from Diana Taurasi fans informing me that she is a big clown and loves to make jokes.They are sure that her saying she has a crush on Donna Orender was meant, not make people question her sexual orientation, but to make them laugh.

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They could lose their jobs, suffer discrimination, or be shunned from their families and lose custody of their children.

The world of sports is still a bastion of homophobia.

So far, the only WNBA player to come out as a lesbian is now retired Sue Wicks and Michele Van Gorp.

(Update: WNBA Star Sheryl Swoopes came out as a lesbian in October 2005).

Seriously, does it matter if Diana Taurasi is a lesbian?

She is a great basketball player and in a perfect world, we would admire her for that, no matter who she is attracted to. Because as a group of people who are shunned and vilified, we are desperate for role models.

Leading up to the final championship, her coach, Geno Auriemma, would declare his likelihood of winning with the claim, "We have Diana, and you don't." Taurasi also received many personal accolades at UConn including the 20 Naismith College Player of the Year awards, the 2003 Wade Trophy, and the 2003 Associated Press Player of the Year award.

In addition to the national recognition she received during her time at UConn, Taurasi was held in legendary status by many Connecticut fans.

For example, state senator Thomas Gaffey nominated her to join Prudence Crandall as the state's heroine.

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