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, but Lauren Graham is an actress with an impressive and lengthy resume in film, TV, and theater, and is a writer as well.

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bestseller list and was optioned by Ellen De Generes’ production company for a TV series.

When she met with De Generes and her production partner, Graham asked who they wanted to have write it, and they said, “You,” having assumed all along that that was her plan as well.

(Its owner returned to reclaim it and left them a $50 tip.) Best of all, she spent one very long day as a mascot at a World Cup soccer convention, deep inside a sweat-inducing giant dog costume.

Graham's two biggest TV roles were single moms, and she got her inspiration for those single parents from her dad.

alum let Ellen De Generes down gently during an appearance on her show on Thursday, March 20. "You've been together for several years," De Generes, 56, said. "I feel like close to five years in Hollywood, its like, aren't we married already really?

Graham, 47, turning red, replied, "Yeah, over four." Then De Generes flat out asked whether the two would ever get married. We are very happy as we are and I never have a good question for this answer." "Well, just tell the truth for a change," De Generes said, egging her on. It's good the way it is." PHOTOS: Costar couples She added: "I'm tempted to be like, ' Big announcement everybody!While still in high school, she “mucked out” stalls in a barn, and drove a summer camp school bus.She worked as a hair salon receptionist, a waitress, a theater usher, a coat check girl, a book stacker at a law library, a salesperson at Barney's in New York, taught SAT test prep, demonstrated how to play Uno at the Toy Fair, was a cocktail waitress at a comedy club where Dave Attell worked the door and future co-star Ray Romano performed, and was a cinnamon roll and coffee counterperson, where she and her friend once found a purse full of cocaine left on the counter.Bishop wasn’t a fan of Graham’s boyfriends, and broke out with the prophetic statement that she should find someone more her equal, like “that wonderful actor on (fictional) boyfriend Jason Ritter stepped in to take the second one.While she probably wouldn’t want her dating life to be considered a fun fact, there’s something about this duo that’s irresistible, especially when you find out that when they first met, long before they dated, he invited her over to play a board game.She credits her dad for helping her get in touch with the parent-as-friend vibe and being her role model for Lorelai Gilmore. I didn’t have a strong idea of how to play a mom—my mom was in my life, but not on a daily basis.

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