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It's the closest they come to greatness and, significantly, their moment of greatest risk-taking.Molko's personality dominated Placebo's extra-curricular activities; similarly, his voice is his band's calling card.

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Special K in particular is propelled by a glorious melody, while the Pavement sample on Slave to the Wage works a treat, transcending Molko's only cliched lyric.

When the pace flags and Molko is required to emote, he struggles to invoke his usual spark of conviction and self-assurance.

(laughing) Well, seriously, I have no idea where my life will take me to, I’ve stopped planning too much the into future a few years ago, it can became an obsession.

My new project [I’m working on] is a vintage style Photo Studio for alternative photographers and models.”“It’s all my grandmother's fault.

Essentially preposterous, it's thrilling whenever Warfield pitches in, and you're left wondering why he is used only once.

More successful, and possibly a way forward for Placebo, is Haemoglobin, where Molko dispenses with his sneery veneer and replaces it with genuine empathy.

But she isn’t only known for her fetish photos and incredible pin-up looks, Carol demonstrates her chameleonic abilities by djing, showing that music is just as important to her as much as looking picture perfect.“To me, modeling was always a hobby, it was just something I did for fun for friends wyho were photographers.

I don’t know why, but since I’ve turned 29, a lot of people are asking me to pose for them, to be in videos and host music events.

Molko might well be crossing his fingers behind his back, but he seems to have turned over a pristine new leaf.

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