Who is abbie cornish dating now team fortress 2 files keep validating

“She looks incredible, like, literally, every single day,” Abbie says. She has an edginess to her.” Abbie’s got her own edge: She’s also a rapper.And Abbie likes to support up-and-coming designers like Toni Maticevski — “the way he drapes around the female body, it’s exquisite,” she says — and jewelry designer Colette. “Some people call me ‘MC Dusk’ ” she says, “but my MC name is just ‘Dusk,’ ” chosen for her favorite time of day, “when the sun sets and you see all the different colors and the animals are going to nest.As you have probably heard, Ryan Phillippe is single again. Abbie’s publicist struck first with a release to People.com: "Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home." Then Ryan’s rep countered:"Ryan ended the relationship and asked her to move out of his house."Of course the immediate assumption is that Abbie walked because Ryan can’t stay faithful. Having said that, while Ryan very well may have reverted his old habits, it doesn’t mean there isn’t some strategy here where Abbie is concerned.

Reese would never admit it, but that bitch is smug today.

She’s still on top, her rival lost the man and the Oscar.

Usually there’s a generic statement about not being together anymore and respecting each other and requesting privacy.

Might as well capitalise on their separation and use it to her advantage, generate some sympathy, work over the lady support.

Still, the fashion bug didn’t hit her until recently.

Lately she’s found style inspiration from one of her best friends, Jamie Chung, who blogs on

After months of denying any sort of affair with Abbie Cornish, Ryan Phillippe is no longer afraid to go public with the Australian actress. Now that Reese Witherspoon is officially dating Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Phillippe doesn't seem as shy about stepping out with girlfriend Abbie Cornish.

After months of speculation about their relationship - did he cheat on Witherspoon with his Stop-Loss co-star?

- Phillippe accompanied Cornish to the 2008 Australian in Film Breakthrough Awards.

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