Over 40 naughty chat rooms - What does the new testament say about dating

However, the Bible has much to say about integrity, respect for others, sexual morality, and a vast array of interpersonal relationships—including marriage.So for the Christian who is curious about how his or her faith should shape a dating relationship, some general principles found in Scripture can apply.

Proverbs sets a very high standard for those with whom we should associate as friends, and surely this standard should not be lowered for those whom one would date.

Dating is a modern practice that was not a part of the cultural fabric of Jesus’ day—or King David’s, or the Apostle Paul’s.

“The only way to know and be known by another person,” writes Joshua Harris, “is to communicate—openly, honestly, sincerely, humbly.” If and when feelings change, they should be acknowledged, discussed, and dealt with. If your goals are different than your dating partner’s ambitions, you should say so.

Together you can determine whether or not to continue dating.

But for our purposes, let’s consider dating to mean spending time with a person of the opposite sex with the intention of forming a romantic partnership.

Some recent books written by young evangelicals have discouraged the practice of dating for Christians; So which is it? If you hope to marry (and don’t plan to have an arranged marriage), dating provides a reasonable way to get to know someone with whom you might establish a marriage relationship.

I think it is true that our young people date too young, and that many dating situations are unwise in that they create unnecessary temptations and, even if nothing wrong takes place, a couple’s actions may give the appearance of evil.

Many of the dating and personal relationship safeguards of years gone by seem to have been cast aside.

Assuming that dating is appropriate under certain conditions, the next question is, “Does the Bible forbid dating an unbeliever?

” I think we can all agree that the Bible forbids the Christian from marrying an unbeliever.

Christians should date as they In other words, in his relationships with others, Jesus submitted to God’s plan for the greater good of that person, not his own desires.

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