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The added collectors value will vary depending on the demand for that players memorabilia or historic significance.Examples could be a home run hit by a 500 home run Club member, A hit by a player with 3000 career hits, a win by a pitcher with 300 career wins or a ticket from a game that links a record involving consecutive games.PHRASES Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Once dated the ticket can be attributed to a specific game played, then value can be added to the generalized price guide listed above.

A ticket stub will increase in value due to a significant event, milestone, or a hit, home run, win, etc.

Tickets dated to 1947 and before do have the Presidents signature at the bottom of the stub.

Grandstand tickets dated to 1948 and after have the team President's signature vertically below the stub's perforation.

Abner Powell added a detachable stub called a rain check that year.

This quickly became a standard practice for all major league teams.

Topping can be seen on poorly torn stubs, ripped below the perforation.

The Game numbers were circled from 1923 through 1925, and the later part of 1926.

In 19 the Yankees moved into Shea Stadium and undated General Admission tickets took the place of the Grandstand ticket.

In 1976 when the Yankees moved back into the newly renovated Yankee Stadium, the "General Admission" ticket replaced the traditional Grandstand ticket but they were still printed without a date.

*Typically: get ~; have ~; take ~; give someone ~.) rain check (also raincheck) noun A ticket given for later use when a sports event or other outdoor event is interrupted or postponed by rain.

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