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When having your picture taken, shift your weight to one foot or one buttock (if seated) as much as possible without looking like you are collapsing to one side. This looks more natural than leaning back or sitting straight up and makes you look more relaxed and comfortable.This looks more natural and relaxed than standing or sitting straight up like a soldier. The more comfortable you look, the better the end result photograph is bound to be. Learn to ‘change your state.’ In the model world, they call this a trigger.

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Clients include Microsoft, T-Mobile, Intel and Unilever.

But Cruickshank did confess that she was "worried" about the way in which the site sometimes muddied the traditional church-state division between advertising and content, particularly on sponsored micro-sites.

Given that it was built by an illustrious team of ex-Google engineers, financed by $30m of venture capital and claiming to have indexed the world's largest search engine, Cuil seemed to be a pretty cool product. On the first morning of its massively publicised launch, the search engine hardly worked at all because its servers kept crashing.

Worse still, when the site could be accessed, the quality of's search was, at best, spotty and, at worst – particularly compared to the Google gold-standard – laughably unreliable.

This is a free online listening resource of over 1,000 listening activities designed especially for language learners.

Most listening activities include pictures, a quiz, a script and downloadable MP3s.

HP's computer joins the i Phone in getting all touchy feely I touched the future of the computer last week and it felt pretty good.

The Silicon Valley-based Hewlett-Packard (HP) invited me down to their high-tech Home of the Future to put my finger on their new touchscreen Touch Smart all-in-one personal computer.

For some people, having a photograph taken is easier than it is for others.

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