Adult chat rooms no registration required - Updating webreference

Am I missing something, or is this another case of Microsoft getting the difficult things right and the simple basics wrong? Left click on your web site in the "Solution Explorer" window.

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The web reference is set to 'Dynamic URL' and the web service is using the ASP. When the error occurs the icon for the service never shows up in the system tray. The more drastic workaround is to delete the web reference and recreate it.

This has worked for me everytime, but has caused some confusion for Subversion and Ankh SVN.

(When manual steps are involved the odds are still in favour of some slight difference in the manual steps causing the problem though.) The screenshot below shows that there were three lines in the WSDL that needed to be deleted.

I found the issue by comparing the current WSDL contents to the contents of a WSDL file that was generated like five months ago, the last one that I found I could successfully add a Web Reference to.

If the validator is unhappy then it is a problem with your manual edit and you should go back to an earlier version of the file.

This is just so bizarre, because I have done this for years, with the involved application, and have never had this problem.

In a farm solution there is a web references to Excel Service.

The Web Reference URL is: want to deploy the solution to production environment.

You can use svcutil ( tool to generate the web reference for you.

The tool will generate the proper client proxy classes and the proper config (and it can even merge it in your application config). Net 3.0 and will generate WCF-style client proxies and configuration.

There were tons of differences, but this was the difference that mattered, for some reason.

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