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I noticed the time stamps on those apps are from last year. idx=406311Connection Speed to ISP: 10 Mbps Network environment: Wired/Wireless (Home/Office/Public)Router model: ??? So I'd try the following:- change the DNS server to try change the broadcasting channel to 11-13- decrease the distance to the wireless router, if possible- provide a clear line of sight, if possible HD Tech If that is the case why is my laptop (sitting next to the TV and connected to the TV via HDMI) able to stream Hulu and Netflix without any interruption? I've already tested changing the DNS and switching to different broadcasting channels (it is currently on 11).

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So if you don't mind, I've got this list of pieces of data to gather, so let's go at it; I'll fill out what you've told me already, and you correct.complete the rest: Product model code: UN46D6000SF? I am a software engineer by trade and before that I did tier 1 and tier 2 technical support for an ISP. Every time this happens folk ask questions like yours.

My gut instinct is telling me that it is the application having issues. This is the Samsung forum so I won't write exactly what I think about their design.

A) This television is actually a hybrid between a computer / PC and a traditional television.

Otherwise it would lack the capability to access a network and download web-based apps.

Issue (2) maybe some other account issue, but I figured I'd try it to solve the network issue first. If you want to try something to fix that, do the Smart Hub reset: It says"connecting"Then for every app, the msg is " Network is not connected. Can't access Internet so I don't understand how to access google DNS.

idx=382162&modelname=UN46D6000SF&modelcode=UN46D6000SFXZA I realize you already did a factory reset, but on 20 TV's, resetting to factory defaults doesn't touch Smart Hub. Check Network settings to check Internet connections.

Certain apps on my Samsung Smart TV will not update. The option to update the software through the television's menu is also grayed out. I'm not saying to remove your advertising but, you need to be a little smarter with your interface resources.

Model Code: UN46D6000Software Version: T-GASAKUC-1033.4Smart Hub Version: 3.679-6.0.00061Unique ID: **omitted for security purposes**Netflix ESN: **omitted for security purposes**I did a factory reset and after the television finished updating itself those applications were still set using a very old version. [FIXED W/RESET] I can't update the television software on demand through the remote menu. I can't uninstall certain apps from the television. Neither through the Smart Hub's main screen or by diving down into the app store from the top right window. It's incredibly annoying to get stuck waiting for this page to load up because of 1 box on the screen. It's a commercial device that is under control by its maker.

Netflix / Hulu will often forget that my account is attached to them and I am required to re-enter all of my account information.

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