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I assumed that Garmin would provide the user ability to manage the map data in a better fashion. I've seen people say that if you delete gmapprom.img, the unit may not be able to boot. Do they replace it with an containing updated data? I too have heard that deleting gmapprom can cause problems, but also heard that it doesn't on later nuvis, so I hesitate to give advice. I think that the 260w (which is a very old model) will no longer work if you remove

updating garmin nuvi 260w-8

Updating garmin nuvi 260w

So, since the Nuvi wouldn't let me load any new file because of not enough disc space, I just took the Nuvi into Disk Utility and wiped it out...after backing up all the files on my desktop.

I made sure to rename everything the way the device was named before I formatted it.

The software identifies my device as a 260w, so I have no reason to think I have a 265w. If the only way to get rid of the 2009 map data is deleting gmapprom.img, I'll just live with it.

I just figured that there was some way of getting it done through Garmin software without any hacking. I have checked on my nuvis 200 and 205, removing is not dangerous.

I know, this is all very risky, and proved to be futile, but that's why I'm updating this thread.

So now my Nuvi is wiped out, I have the files, in their correct structure saved on my desktop.

I actually put the USA/Hawaii file where it would go in the desktop files, then drug that whole structure onto the wiped Nuvi, which now just resembled a mounted flash drive named "GARMIN" on my desktop.

The nail in the coffin (at least so far) seems to be that there must have been some hidden files in the Garmin before I did my backup.

I'm not sure if the 265w will have this issue or not, but I wouldn't try it anyway.

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