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Today we are also setting out our strategy to facilitate international data exchanges in the global digital economy and promote high data protection standards worldwide." Better online protection and new business opportunities The proposed Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications will increase the protection of people's private life and open up new opportunities for business: Data protection rules for EU institutions and bodies The proposed Regulation on the protection of personal data by European institutions and bodies aims to align the existing rules, which date back to 2001, with the newer and more stringent rules set out by the General Data Protection Regulation of 2016.

Anyone whose personal data are handled by the European institutions or agencies will benefit from higher standards of protection.

First Vice-President Timmermans said: "Our proposals will complete the EU data protection framework.

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I want to ensure confidentiality of electronic communications and privacy.

Our draft e Privacy Regulation strikes the right balance: it provides a high level of protection for consumers, while allowing businesses to innovate."The European data protection legislation adopted last year sets high standards for the benefit of both EU citizens and companies.

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Post ideas for new features or quality-of-life improvements.International data protection The proposed Communication sets out a strategic approach to the issue of international personal data transfers, which will facilitate commercial exchanges and promote better law enforcement cooperation, while ensuring a high level of data protection.The Commission will engage proactively in discussions on reaching "adequacy decisions" (allowing for the free flow of personal data to countries with "essentially equivalent" data protection rules to those in the EU) with key trading partners in East and South-East Asia, starting with Japan and Korea in 2017, but also with interested countries of Latin America and the European Neighbourhood.The measures presented today aim to update current rules, extending their scope to all electronic communication providers.They also aim to create new possibilities to process communication data and reinforce trust and security in the Digital Single Market – a key objective of the Digital Single Market strategy.At the same time, the proposal aligns the rules for electronic communications with the new world-class standards of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

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