Updating eclipse

This has been tested with Java SE 8u11 but will probably work with later versions as well.

Java 8 is installed on the Robo RIO and to take advantage of all the features it offers, it is suggested that you use Java 8 on your development system.

updating eclipse-10updating eclipse-7

In case you needed to format a batch of code using a command line utility, you probably went for Jalopy or JIndent.

Thanks to Ben Konrath of Red Hat, you no longer need to do so: since Eclipse 3.2, you can use the built-in code formatter to format your Java code using the command line.

Note: on 64 bit Linux systems it might be necessary to install 32 bit version of libc.

For example, on Ubuntu Linux, the command would be: Move the extracted folder to Program Files or some other convenient location from which to easily run it.

The FRC specific tools for the chosen language are installed as Eclipse plugins.

You can install both the Java and C development tools into the same installation of Eclipse to allow programs to be written with either language using a common set of tools and user interface.Also, the Oracle web page might change over time, so the images shown here might not exactly match what you see.Windows: Double click on the downloaded file to launch it. Check the box to accept the License Agreement, then click Install. Mac OSX: Double-click on the downloaded file in Finder to unzip it.Accept the license agreement and download the Java SDK for your platform.The version (either x86 or x64) should match the version of Eclipse that you have installed or plan to install on your computer.C teams should also install the new toolchains (Installing the C Toolchains).

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