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Have you updated your E71 with the latest firmware?

updating e71 firmware-59

The updates are also released for different product codes at different times. changed my keyboard layout (no more umlauts and some other stuff) - click "write" The software doesn't seem to do anything, but if you click on "read" again, it will display the new code.

This is probably due to the fact that some phone providers aren't keen on supporting the failed update procedures of their users or have to adapt their branding mechanisms to the new firmware. You should now have a changed product code and the Nokia Updater will probably find the missing update and install it now :) p.s.

That why I m looking for a solution or in the worst case a downgrade (but I love the last maps application ) Thanks in advance for your help.

Th Hi, I Have Nokia E71, i have a problem in connecting my mobile with computer..

When I do #*0000# it gives : 5 RM-346 NOKIA E71-1 (05) 5 is the version I put a few days ago. I have tried selecting all the options but no response from the PC. Can you try with a different PC to see if that one detects your phone?

Not happy at all with that because the phone blocks without doing anything except permitting me to make a vocal command. I tried restoring My phone for factory settings also then also there is no response.

Over the Thankgiving Day holiday weekend Nokia decided to release the new E71 firmware, version 4.

The timing makes perfect sense because Thanksgiving is a North American holiday and the firmware wasn't released for the E71-2 which is the North American version.

All choices are inactives and only number to dial a number are actives. I ve no other choice than switching off withe top key and restart the E71.

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