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They share their DIY experiences as well as their fun life with their daughter, Clara, and their dog Burger. If updating front porch posts is a project you want to tackle, visit John and Sherry's blog to see more details.One stop to their blog and you will probably be addicted like me to their zany stories and practical how-to wisdom.

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Realize that they could have removed the existing columns and replaced them with brand new square porch columns.

But that's a bit more involved and expensive as well.

John and Sherry covered their existing posts with 1 x 6's on opposite sides and then 1 x 8's on the remaining two sides (fronts and backs).

The only thing they had to trim was the length as their columns were not quite 8 feet tall.

He did this to minimize the damages to the many layers of paint.

Then he used a rubber mallet and a crow bar to gently loosen the remove the scalloped trim.Important to remember: Use caulk that says it is paintable.The wood that John and Sherry used for this project was already pre-primed so all John and Sherry had to do was to give it a good coat of paint and the job was done.Exterior wood columns are often subject to water damage because of the exposure to the elements, but replacing them can be a simple chore.We’re tacking a piece of two-by-six onto one end of this four-by-four, which we’ll use to raise the beam that’s resting on the column.John and Sherry of Young House Love are passionate about home improvement and generous with sharing their tips.

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