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The store was packed with people caught up in the holiday, rushing to buy flowers, candy, meals to prepare etc.

and I couldn’t help but wonder how many people do all those things the other 364 days a year? We’ve fallen into the commercialism of buying a card and flowers to say I love you, but do our words and actions show that after Valentine’s day is over?

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A perfectly angled, filtered picture of roses and a stuffed bear may look like the ultimate relationship goal but one picture on one day out of 365 does not paint you the entire picture.

Not everything is as it appears to be, and not everyone is who they post to be.

More than a boyfriend/girlfriend, more than a husband/wife, more than a ring on your finger; a firm foundation, a strong walk with the Master will be the most important and most life changing!

Don’t waste your single time being depressed, bitter or lonely; you’ll miss out on the incredible things God wants to do in this season of your life!

Congratulations to Nilgun Tasdemir, Ph D, Breast Cancer Research Program, on receiving the Postdoctoral Training Award -DOD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs. Congratulations to Adrian Lee, Ph D on receiving the prestigious Breast Cancer Research Foundation award for his work on Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) signaling and endocrine regulation in breast cancer.

Congratulations to Kevin Levine, Breast Cancer Research Program, on receiving the NIH F30 Ruth L. Winners for 2013 WCRC Retreat: Congratulations go to the following investigators for each receiving a UPCI pilot grant (k): Xin Huang, Ph D “Identification of co-factors for hypoxia-inducible factors”.

Or do we just give Him flowers and candy on occasion?

Do we spend time cultivating our relationship; praying, seeking out His word, hiding it in our hearts, protecting our relationship with Him by keeping out harmful influences, honor Him and spend time in His presence because we just love Him? The most important relationship you will ever have, is your relationship with the Lord.

If he’s not doing those things on a daily basis, roses one day a year will never make up for that.

Don’t let the pressure of a day and what you see on social media cause you to settle for less!

If he’s not pushing you to being your best in Christ, there’s a problem.

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