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Any woman who has viewed the romance-tinged television commercials - or emailed ones - about online dating services should absolutely RUN AND READ THIS BOOK COVER-TO-COVER before even dipping a toe into the shark-infested pool of lonely men just dying to meet you!

The book's title refers to the physical beauty criteria that men apply to their ideal date - even though they themselves are way less than the masculine epitome of handsome.

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This book helps you to get the confidence you need to get on these sites and get much better results. It's a tough game, especially for those of us reentering with some mileage and wear and tear. The reader experiences the laughter and tears right along side of her. I mean the Jane Austen definition of "plain": non-descript features and body and who are usually unnoticed by men.

I liked the book for that reason, because I could identify with it.

I could hardly put ''The Ugly Woman's Guide to Internet Dating' down once I got started reading it, considering I had been trying to do the internet thing and was sorely disappointed with the whole process.

Rosemary gave me a whole new outlook toward approaching this process.

I so admire her tenacity and am very happy that she found her love!

Her experiences go a long way in helping others who are navigating Internet dating waters.

In addition, like online dating sites are generally free in nature, they are much more cost effective than traditional dating.

I must admit that I 'know' the author through various forums on which we mutually post.

Rosemary likens unwary, lonely women to sheep holding out the key to their bedroom door to any wolf that knows how to say what women want to hear.

My momma said it to me years ago: Men will promise love to get sex; women will give away sex hoping that the promise of love is honest.

The Internet has brought us many amazing things over the years of success cheap flights.

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