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“I wrote the verse two, maybe closer to three, years ago…Seeing her wrestle with that throughout the years has been a challenge to me.

“I want to be a representative of Him in this world.” No matter the circumstance, Starr has found God to be faithful in all seasons, and she’s relishing in the freedom that comes from looking to Christ to be her everything.

She’s not looking to her husband, her friends or her music career to fill that void; and that’s what keeps her honest, confident and moving forward in faith.

In addition, the music videos for both singles are each approaching 1 million views on You Tube.

Starr has also become a mainstay at high-profile Christian festivals each summer, including Creation and Lifest.

That maturity has partially been influenced by falling in love.

Starr is getting married this fall, and while her new husband hasn’t directly resulted in any new material yet, the next season of life is sure to inspire numerous lyrics and melodies in the future.A childhood friend of Starr’s met her father for the first time in 26 years, and the singer/songwriter had a front row seat to the reunion.While the experience of seeing the two finally connect was emotional, it was all the years leading up to the meeting that formed the basis for “In My Father’s Love.” “I’ve been writing that song for so long I don’t even know when I started writing it,” recounts Starr.That’s the mark of following Jesus—a changed life,” Starr contends.“I am never going to go back to that person I was—not because I can’t, because there are definitely times where I can be tempted and do fall into old patterns—but even if I do, I’m not the same [person] I was when I was in the middle of the struggle…before the healing came.” Other songs on Everything I Need were inspired by the tragedies and triumphs of close friends.It turned my whole world upside down.” The situation also made her resolve stronger.

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