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According to David Rohl, the Sweet Track chronology from Southwest England was ‘re-measured’ when it did not agree with the published dendrochronology from Northern Ireland (Belfast). Take advantage of this free information but please support CMI as God provides. Also, the construction of a detailed sequence from southern Germany was abandoned in deference to the Belfast chronology, even though the authors of the German study had been confident of its accuracy until the Belfast one was published.

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The extended tree ring chronologies are far from absolute, in spite of the popular hype.

To illustrate this we only have to consider the publication and subsequent withdrawal of two European tree-ring chronologies.

This involves employing a system of record keeping that allows the systematist to organize vast and diverse sets of comparative information.

Phylogenetic trees, or diagrams that trace evolutionary relationships, serve this purpose.

This is based on two major approaches: characterizing the morphology of living animals, plants, and microorganisms; and studying fossils, the preserved impressions left by organisms.

The morphology of an organism is simply a description of its physical characteristics.If the organism under study is extinct or impossible to resolve with modern microscopy techniques, observing morphology is unfeasible.The fossil record contains fossilized remains and imprints whose age is estimated by the age of the surrounded rock.) of the White Mountains of Eastern California, were dated in 1957 by counting tree rings at 4,723 years old.This would mean they pre-dated the Flood which occurred around 4,350 years ago, taking a straightforward approach to Biblical chronology.If members of a group did not all evolve from a common ancestor, the group is referred to as polyphyletic.

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