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Just remember: It takes a while to learn good manners, and no one expects you to be perfect and remember everything you are taught. Simply try to be on your best behavior and use good manners; you will impress your friends, family, and strangers.

Back to top Sometimes, people talking on cell phones forget that they are around other people.

The same guidelines for talking on a regular telephone also apply to cell phone users.

Below are some extra rules for talking on your cell phone.

If it is not appropriate to be on your cell phone but you are expecting an important call, set the ringer on low or vibrate and politely excuse yourself when it rings.

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By minding your manners, your friends and other kids will look up to you, and adults will be impressed with your maturity. If the caller asks to speak to someone who is not home, ask if you can take a message or if he or she would like to be called back.

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