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His changing position on the separate state issue is ample evidence of his opportunism and lack of conviction.

Consequently, the government received more revenues from the Nizam Telangana region than from the rest of the state.

The gentle men’s agreement stipulated that the excess revenue should be invested in the Nizam Telangana region for economic stimulation.

Based on all party legislatures’ demands, the government planned to spend 33 crores in the early part of the fourth five-year plan.

With that background, let us now delve into the bloody fight for the separate Telangana state that was fought for less than 5,000 non-mulki jobs.

Undoubtedly, a significant sum in those days, but it was accrued over 15 years.

The state government agreed to resolve the issue of balance of funds.BUT OUT OF THE SNOWS I FOUND THIS INFORMATION IN Mr. I FOUND IT USEFUL SO THOUGHT OF PUTTING THIS IN MY BLOG . Politicians were clueless about why the economy was floundering despite their best intentions.Nizam Telangana economy suffered along with the rest of the country.In other words, the issue affected a minuscule 0.033% of the approximately 1.5 crore people living in the Nizam Telangana region.There were two major people movements between 19— the first one was Jai Telangana, and Jai Andhra followed it.SO IT WOULD BE POINTLESS TO ARGUE THIS IN THE DISCUSSIONS.

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