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With any program, you never know until you give it a try.

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I have spent the better part of 20 weeks focusing on my squat, and I want to take a break and focus on the deadlift instead.

Obviously a program like Smolov would be pretty insane for the deadlift, but perhaps there are other variations.

For me when I build up my TBDL, my deadlift didn't change to much. I guess if you had a bad start off the floor/weak quads maybe you'd get more carry over to your deadlift.

Some people seem allergic to frequent deadlifting, but I wonder if you'd be better off doing almost a Heavy/Light/Medium.

This is the date by which we need not just your application, but also all relevant documents (transcripts, references, etc.) must be uploaded/submitted by this date.

If your application is not complete by this deadline, it cannot be considered for the term that you applied for.

I know Defranco uses the trap bar a lot, and it gives lots of love at T-Nation. But if you hope to avoid squats and deadlifts with the TBDL, I think you are headed in the wrong direction. I love to squat, and still plan on running Smolov again in Oct/Nov. No idea if that has anything to do with the trap bar, but the improvement is nice.

This is simply a bit of something different for about 6 weeks. 3x a week isn't bad if you do one day at 50%, and limit your work on the other non heavy day.

The checklist on your application (accessible by logging into your application account) will update as you upload documents or references are submitted.

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