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In addition, the gain recognized by A on the deemed liquidation of X is recharacterized as a dividend and subject to tax at the reduced rates applicable to qualified dividend income.

As a result, the combination of Section 1248(a) and the retroactive check-the-box rules allows individual U. shareholders of a CFC to convert gain that would be realized upon the sale of the CFC’s assets from subpart F income (taxed as ordinary income at rates up to 39.6 percent) to qualified dividend income (currently taxed at 20 percent).

Where the election is made effective as of January 2, the liquidation of the foreign corporation would be deemed to occur on January 1 of that year.

Because the foreign corporation would be deemed to have been liquidated on January 1, it would not have been a CFC for 30 days during the year of liquidation. shareholders would be eligible for the reduced qualified dividend income tax rate on such dividend.

An eligible entity with two or more members may elect to be classified as either a corporation or a partnership.

An eligible entity with only one member may elect to be classified as either a corporation or a disregarded entity. 2009-41 provides that if certain requirements are met, an eligible entity may file a late classification election within 3 years and 75 days of the requested effective date of the election.

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Consequently, when a CFC sells stock of a lower-tier corporation, the U. shareholders of the CFC will have to include their share of the gain from the sale as subpart F income, which will be taxed immediately at ordinary income rates.

Pursuant to the “check-the-box” entity classification rules, a business entity that is not treated as a per se corporation is an “eligible entity” that may elect its classification for federal income tax purposes.

A CFC that elects to convert from a corporation into a partnership or disregarded entity generally would recognize Subpart F income on the deemed liquidation, to the extent it holds property that gives rise to passive investment income (such as stock in subsidiary corporations).

The subpart F income inclusion rules only apply, however, when the foreign corporation has been a CFC for a period of 30 uninterrupted days in the given taxable year.

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