Stigma of online dating

I think time has diminished a lot of the 'stigma' of meeting someone online.

I do think there is a bit of superficial element to it though. I'm beginning to see that from what some people post, they really do care with others think about them... Looks like some people may have to find other supportive friends..for family...."ya get what ya get!

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Stigma of online dating

Still, horror stories about casual encounters on Craigslist and individuals misrepresenting themselves on dating profiles make the stigma of online dating difficult to shake.

Moreover, many people still view the predilection for online dating as a sign of social ineptitude.

Admitting that you met online carries with it the uncomfortable admission that it wasn't happening naturally and we were forced to take more direct measures.

People generally don't like to admit they met a bar either.

Almost everyone has a facebook account now and it won’t be long before every single is signed up to an online dating site.

Try to dispel any stigma you may have of online dating by thinking of it as an extension of your social behaviour, rather than a place where people hide away.

When Birthday Boy's dad inquired as to how we met, and BB mentioned we met through a mutual a friend, a guy I had met online, his dad asked, "Why are you online dating?

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

As far as stigma in online dating there really isn’t any.

Any feeling you have of online dating sites attracting freaks or lonely losers should be dispelled.

OP - In this day and age, on-line dating IS the new tradition!

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