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Sapna is very athletic & her body movements are gentle & fluid.

Her body & curves were well balanced to play those roles in Age daiwaya & Mata thama mathakai.

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But Sapna Roshini should be right below her in the 2nd Spot!

If you have watched Ege Divaya (2003) & Mata Thaama Mathakai (2005) you will remember her Beautiful Performances!

Sumana Gomas One Country, One Woman, One Passion: SUMANA GOMAS! She doesn't act, she BECOMES the character and almost nobody else has that ability. I know her for 15 years in the gym and she is insanely strong! She bench presses 300lbs for reps, incline presses 100lbs dumbbells and do 150 push-ups without pause. It's very rare to find a Sri Lankan Actress with a 40-E Bra Cup. She is among the 5 greatest black naked women of the entire world as well.

She's not only Gorgeous, but portrays the emotions of her characters with such originality and realism. Upeksha Swarnamali (Paba) I've seen them all, but I've never seen an actress like Upeksha Swarnamali! Who says that Semini Iddamalgoda is the Masturbator's Dream Actress? I love you Upeksha sexy wassthuwa good very nice sexy figer mama sexy kollek 0722852633 Nirdha Uyanhewa Madam Busty Boobs! And how Proud she must be to have a Triumph Nirdha Uyanhewa signature Bra! Anusha Damayanthi Being Busty & Booty is everything when it comes to become an Actress in Sri Lanka. She has Beautiful Breasts & Buttocks which she manipulates very well in her natural Acting... Diamond Jackson, Nyomi Banx, Jada Fire, Delotta Brown & Damitha Abeyratne Sobitha! No Actress can stand against Damitha Abeyratne Sobitha's naked black body! Thanuja Weerasooriya Thanuja Weerasooriya ranked at #13 shows how little people know about Sri Lankan Cinema & our Actresses... Watch kaatawath kiyanna epa, Mata thama mathakai, haadu wessak & magul suckwala and tell me if I am wrong. The 'Kimba Vesi' Inoka Sathyangani said in most of her books that Thanuja Weerasooriya was & will always be the Best Actress ever in Sri Lanka.

She is a wonderful Lady, and I cry just thinking about her in 'Ragaye Unusuma'. She has beautiful legs and I relly enjoy myself looking those legs. Have you ever seen TTP (Thani Thatuwhen Piyabanna)? Upeksha Swarnamali is the Masturbator's Dream Actress! Anusha not only has Big Boobs & Large Buttocks, but every single time she is acting, she wears the right Brassiere and the right Panty with confidence! Her Nude Acting deserves more Janadhipathi, Raigam & Sumathi Awards! I would rate her only behind the Queen herself: Sumana Gomez and no one else. Piyumi Shanika Botheju The Biggest Areola's in the Business!

There couldn't be a more beautiful, kind, loving, and talented actress out there. Anoma Janadari Anoma 'the Naked' Janadari (Jangi Janadari)! The only other girls who can give a challenge to her are Thanuja Weerasooriya & Damitha Abeyrathna Sobitha! It's pathetic and shame to the whole country to see Gayana'ugly' Sudarshani as the 2nd, Jangi Janadari as 3rd, Paba at 5th, Nadeesha Hemamali Vesi at 8th & Damitha Aberathna Sobitha at 9th... Her Breasts might not be the Biggest (Both Anusha Damayanthi & Nirdha Uyanhewa have bigger ones) but her Areola's are!Chathurika Pieris is a hot Sri Lankan movie star and a Teledrama actress, who became popular because of her roles in movies like "Hiripoda Wessa" and "Nildiya Dahana".Chathurika Peiris Sri Lankan Actress crazy video's lanka gossip | gossip lanka | tharunaya | Sl Tv media Chathurika Peiris Sri Lankan Actress Chaturika Peris - Email, Phone Numbers, Public Records & Criminal Chathurika Peiris Sri Lankan Actress Chathurika pieris | Sri Lankan Cute Hot Actress New Photos Chathurika Peiris Sri Lankan Actress Gossipguysl - gossip unlimited: Nehara's Sex Video Case !!!You will never even blink an eye when you see her in the Silver screen. Actresses will emerge like Mushrooms pop out & will disappear even faster than they appeared, but there was and will always be ONE Sumana Gomas and No Actress dead or alive will be able to match the Greatness of her! But I bet my life, Damitha can't and won't be able play Patta Vesi the way Nayana did it. Never one to be vaginally conscious, Nayana just blowjobs in and do whatever it takes to satisfy the fans regardless if she'll look good naked or not. Those whoppers are enough to hide so many goodies between them. and she had worked so hard in the gym to build those. You have made our motherland proud in it's journey on becoming the wonder of Asia. She is the black queen of sinhala cinema & south Asian cinema.That's why they went to our hearts & became everlasting. Udari Warnakulasooriya Whether it's about getting Naked, whether it's about going in the road Naked, whether it's about sucking a penis, whether it's about sucking 2 penises, whether it's about a penis in her vagina, whether it's about 2 penis'es in her vagina, whether it's about lesbian kissing, whether it's about ladyboy kissing, whether it's about dildos, whether it's about one on one, whether it's about two on one or even 20 on one, nobody does it better than Udari Vesi'warnakulasooriya! She was awarded the Otara Gunewardena Award for her performance there and Otara herself told that It's between Udari Warnakulasooriya & Yashoda Wimaladharmasooriya to be the best actress in srilanka.

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