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In any case, Afro-Cuban rhythms were imported into the United States, and in the grand tradition of cooking up quasi-foreign curiosities such as chop suey and fake Rolex watches, salsa was born in the musical mecca of New York City. Importation of Colombian music was simple at first until gringo protectionists, fearing damage to the American chitlin industry by a flood of imported haggis, successfully passed the Mitigation of Imports Via Embargo and Restriction of Goods Act of 1966 (MI VERGA).

This forced salseros to smuggle Colombian music into the country in shipments of cocaine.

Of course, it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to ask a man; this is in fact an essential skill for any woman over (a body mass index of) 30.

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The arrangement was successful for many years until U. law enforcement recognized that the country would be safer if it had fewer drug addicts than rapists and murderers, and focused its resources on seizing imported contraband.

It was at this point that famed recording studio Fania Records researched American cultural awareness and discovered that 94% of gringos viewed all of Latin America as a homogeneous cultural blob.

However, since this is not the type of salsa that can lead to the horizontal mambo, it is of no interest here.

The salsa genre traces its roots back to the 1930's from the Cuban son, though it is unclear exactly whose child this refers to. trade embargo against Cuba, musicians in Nueva York turned to Colombia as their main source of salsa inspiration.

" it is the perfect opportunity for the instructor to market his or her $100-per-hour private salsa lessons.

As with other partner dances, the onus is traditionally on the man to ask a woman to dance.

This meant that salseros could import music from the U. state of Puerto Rico, not subject to the otherwise extensive reach of MI VERGA, Salsa today is thus an amalgam of many traditional Latin musical styles.

In this way, it is as rich in heritage as zydeco, but thankfully without the accordion.

The purpose of the lesson is to give beginners a false sense of confidence that they've actually learned something before the regular crowd arrives, kidnaps their gringas and subjects them to male lap dancing.

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