Speed dating in the tri state area

Our Jewish speed dating™ events are the exciting new way to meet Jewish singles in the New York area.

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The Delaware Valley region, which includes eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and northern Delaware, is also frequently referred to as a tri-state area in radio and TV advertising in the Philadelphia market.

Four other prominent areas that have been labeled tri-state areas are the Cincinnati tri-state area, including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana; the Pittsburgh tri-state area, covering parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia; the Chicago tri-state area, also known as Chicagoland, which includes parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin; and the Greater Memphis area or Mid-South consisting of West Tennessee, North Mississippi, and the Arkansas delta.

Want to return to school to start a doctorate in something I like, but I am not exactly sure what.

I have numerous interests and so it is hard to pin down what I would like to focus upon. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

I've made a few mistakes in my life and have (hopefully) learned from them while striving mightily to do the right thing every day. nn I suppose what makes me special is just being me. I sincerely wish everyone the best of luck in finding their special someone.---Russ I generally enjoy movies that make me think and ponder about myself and how I interact with society.

I'm not financially well-off, nor am I the proud owner of movie-star looks, but I am honest, dependable, loyal, hard-working, reasonably intelligent, kind, introspective, sensitive, a good listener, and always seeking new things to learn every day. I also enjoy mindless comedies and psychological horror flicks. UTNE; Billboard Book of Number One Hits; biographies of Harry Truman, Peter the Great, Tony Curtis, Elton John, and Mel Brooks; The Socialist Worker's World; The Nation; and most local/national/international newspapers.

The Quincy, Evansville, and Huntington-Ashland areas are noteworthy for the states included all being separated by rivers. This area is more commonly/colloquially referred to as "the DMV" (DC, Maryland, Virginia). Public Land Survey, although the actual monument is 1,112 feet north of the tripoint due to the tripoint's current location under water; Pittsburgh Tri-State.

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