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Here are the five purely monogamous animals: the California mouse, Kirk’s dik-dik (a small antelope), the Malagasy giant jumping rat, pack-living coyotes, and the fifth, newly discovered one, the owl monkey. Coming back to the issue of sex addiction, we are still left with the unanswered question of what kind of sex and at which frequency is sex normal.

Unfortunately, due its social constructionist and morally biased lenses, sex addiction has no answers.

Despite all this, social constructionism is still alive and well, influencing both the social sciences and public policy.

And if the sex addiction folks just stuck with these sort of clients, they would never have been able to manufacture an entire sex addiction industry, complete with dozens of ultra expensive inpatient treatment facilities.

The only way a treatment becomes an industry is when its scope creeps to include anyone who is having the kind of sex that someone (either the individual or family member) deems to be a problem.

In a chapter appropriately entitled "Regulated Passions," she persuasively argues that both "inhibited sexual desire," pushed by Helen Singer Kaplan and sex addiction were both offsprings of the cultural belief that sexuality is a social construct, one that can be controlled, modified, and neatly packaged according to the social norms and mores of the time.

Indeed, the very first sex addiction 12-step group, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLA) met in Boston in 1977.

According to this article, of about 5,000 total mammalian species, only 3-5% are "socially monogamous," which means they pair bond.

However, when these species are examined for their DNA, researchers find that only 5 total species in the entire animal kingdom are truly monogamous, or "genetically monogamous," meaning they never have sex with other animals outside of their pair bond.

Money touted the success of his work, publishing extensively on his triumphant results. The young boy never acclimated to being a girl, and eventually as an adult sought to transition back to being a male.

In 1997, the boy, now an adult named David Reimer, confided his story to sexologist Milton Diamond, who encouraged him to go public with his story. Money was disgraced, while David Reimer committed suicide in 2004, never having recovered from the trauma suffered under the hands of Dr. This sad, tragic case is detailed in the wonderful book As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl for anyone looking for more information and a painful, yet powerful read.

You link to 3 articles supposedly supporting your position. OCD: Your link is about patients with OCD who experience intrusive sexual thoughts. What the article stated: "Many of the participants whose behavior patterns included undesired sexual thoughts also experienced undesired thoughts of violence". Reality - Addiction is not OCD as the DSM5 has separate diagnostic criteria for addiction (including behavioral addictions) and OCD.

Further, multiple studies have found that OCD is not the same as impulse control disorders.

Sexologist John Money claimed he had discovered, through his "theory of gender neutrality," that gender was a complete social construct, created entirely through social learning. Money, who ordered sex reassignment surgery for the injured boy, and instructed his parents to raise him as a girl.

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