Imonline sex live chat - Sirius updating channels

Sirius has not sold out their commercial slots, so they run a lot of public service announcements.

To summarize, if you listen to music, you will find far fewer commercials on Sirius.

Most of the music stations have adopted the much narrower playlist typical of what Sirius used in the past.

Nearly all of the non-political talk shows have been dropped.

This could be very irritating if you were listening to a country channel, and got a 2-minute rap commercial.

XM has stopped doing much of this based on consumer complaints.

At the programming level, both services now carry essentially the same channels.

Since the merger, the programming on both XM and Sirius has vastly degraded.

I have had both a Sirius and an XM Radio since they each went live here in Minnesota.

While I did get my radios and first year of service for free due to being a Best Buy employee (at that time), I would have bought a satellite radio due to the long road trips that I take, and the lack of decent radio in many areas of the US.

XM also used to run the same 2 or 3 public service announcements over and over and over and over, sometimes the same commercial would run 6 times in a given hour.

This has thankfully stopped as XM has sold these commercial slots for real commercials.

Rather then attempt to keep up to date with the programming on each, I have chosen to point out the key areas where they differ, and let you (the reader) do the research on specific items that are most important to you.

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