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School founder, Angelina Tay, aims to work on fitness, dance technique and the sense of confidence gained from the art of belly dancing.

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"So instead of dieting before the performance, I actually ate more, hoping to gain weight around the middle." But the svelte lass still weighed only 44kg after all the eating and laughed when she recalled that the extra food actually made her belly harder to move.

For their efforts, the belly dancers raked in a total of $15,935 for their four-minute dance.

Perfect opportunity to take those solo bedroom dance sessions onto the big stage! Looking for something a little more exotic than ballroom dancing?

This torso-driven Middle Eastern dance will get you into some snazzy outfits and up your feminine mystique.

Dive right into the beginner classes at Bellydance Discovery and see if you can stomach its basic techniques and movements.

Once you’ve got that down pat, take it up a notch with the advanced classes that teach you how to incorporate props like veils and Isis Wings.

Break, lock and pop like the stunners in Step Up at O School.

The school’s repertoire of dance courses will teach you everything from hip-hop dance to the eclectic reggae dancehall style.

The school made its name cresting the K-pop wave in Singapore with Celine’s handpicked team of dancers and instructors. Street salsa beginner packages will help you get the hang of the basics, while the dance clinics will teach you a couple of nifty dips and tricks. Sign up for one of their trial classes and see if you can shake it like J. Learn all the fancy footwork and masterful manoeuvres behind the timeless jazz dance – arguably one of the hardest to ace – at Jazz Cats.

If you’ve ever had dreams of dancing along to a particular K-pop song, the school offers classes that teach original choreography based on popular music videos. Artistic Director, Melissa Erez, has over two decades of professional teaching experience, so you know that your feet are in capable hands.

You’ll be gyrating your hips like Mata Hari in no time!

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