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Or has his cute babble evolved into his first word? However, as you know well at this point, this journey was not without sacrifice. " Do you want to be the HOT woman that every mother envies?

Frustratingly, my post baby figure was not accommodating my desire to spend any free time with my son instead of at the gym!

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It is never a bad idea to check out the body of the woman who developed the workout too! I have always had a hard time buying a workout from someone who is a personal trainer for a living. Or to get dinner on the table, the laundry done, have playtime with a baby, and keep a tight butt too? You can have the best looking figure of your life AFTER giving birth! After having my son, I finally developed the toned and contoured arms I had always wanted. Now your body is more than ready to reward you for this incredible task. In the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution e Book, you will get HOT with fun, easy and timesaving exercises and nutrition advice while creating valuable bonding time with your baby!

If she has muscular legs or thin arms or a nice rounded bottom, well, you may be working toward the same result. In the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, we are aiming for a toned and slender body. We will create a toned and shapely body, however, we still want a little flesh because that is sexy! My abdominals are tighter and sexier than they ever were and I love showing them off! People often talk about "getting your pre-baby body back." Well, that is wonderful, but you can get it back and beyond! All it needs is some attention and the right mindset. As a very busy mother, I juggled a demanding full time job and graduate school with motherhood.

Becoming a Hot Mommy is just as much a mindset as it is a physical transformation.

Whether this child is your first baby or your fifth, the adjustment it takes to care for an infant is substantial. So ladies, embrace your womanhood and your motherhood and never forget the following equation. When you purchase the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, you will also receive these 6 Bonuses FREE!

We have all heard that the first years of life are pivotal to development. This fun and practical workout is split into three stages.

Written by a renowned author and esteemed psychiatrist, this bonus will teach you simple yet important tools to shaping your child's early development years and creating a happy, well-adjusted child. Healthy skin is so important to enhancing our beauty! You worked so hard to have that super cute baby and now it is his turn! To help us better visualize the transformation, I have titled the stages to correspond with another fabulous event we are all familiar with. A proper manicure always starts with a good base coat.

Before we get to my solution, let's talk about you!

How are you feeling about you after becoming a mommy?

Once I hit the six week point and my doctor gave his approval for me to begin exercising, I started going to the gym for some light weight training and mild cardio on the treadmill. I hated being away from my baby after spending so much time at work and school!

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