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Examining the moderating effect of adolescent sex on this association revealed that adolescent PA no longer mediated the association between perceived encouragement for PA from fathers and adolescent body satisfaction, and sex moderated this association.

These findings suggest that, regardless of adolescent BMI, fathers may play an instrumental role in adolescents' body image satisfaction by positively influencing PA behavior.

The University's Institutional Review Board and the School District's Board of Education approved this study.

Written informed consents were completed by both students and parents.

In other words, even in the absence of changes in body mass, adolescents may benefit psychologically from increases in PA.

While it is evidenced that physically active adolescents become physically active adults [].

However, the influence of perceived encouragement for PA from fathers on adolescent body satisfaction and PA behavior may differ for boys and girls. One potential protective factor against body dissatisfaction is increased physical activity (PA).

Specifically, PA has been positively associated with body image satisfaction, self-esteem, and overall physical self-worth, independent of changes in body mass index (BMI) [].

Because factor structure was similar between groups (data available on request), all subsequent analyses were performed based on the factor scores (weighted sum of standardized amplitude or latency values, weight = factor loading) from the combined sample (n = 270), which is depicted in this figure.

Oddball event-related potential group grand averages (targets).

Data was collected during the Spring semester for a two-year period, annually.

At each time of assessment, students completed a series of self-report questionnaires during their health and Physical Education classes, lasting approximately 45 minutes.

Adolescents reporting higher PA behavior and perceived encouragement for PA from fathers at age 15 had higher body satisfaction scores at age 16.

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