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eriem became a prostitute because she lost her virginity. She got a phone call and started arguing with the person on the other end. She was smoking one of my cigarettes; she wasn’t wearing a headscarf; she was exposing her legs.She told me this in a house that I was renting in a Moroccan seaside town. Walking over to my house, she hadn’t even covered her outfit with a djellaba, the traditional hooded cloak.

When they were found in the Chez Maurice and Silver Hotel in the town of Maamelteine, 20 km north of the Lebanese capital, the women were said to have been in miserable condition.

The three-story Chez Maurice looked more like a jail than a hotel when it was visited by journalists, with bars on balconies and windows. The premises have been sealed off and official documents were stamped on the gates, barring entry.

Some women are undermining the patriarchy with lace and lingerie.

In her new book, Sex in the Citadel, Shereen el Feki chronicles sexuality in Arab society, including the experience of married Arab women who cannot express their sexual desire and their sexual needs to their husbands.

But when they arrived, their belongings and mobile phones were taken away, and the women were locked up in two hotels north of Beirut and forced into prostitution.

What followed was an ordeal of beatings, torture and abuse — until Lebanese security forces raided the hotels and dismantled the operation in late March.

On the way, the driver noticed something odd about the women and started asking questions after which they told him their story, Msalem said.

The driver called the police and the women were taken to a police station near Beirut.

It was 2008 and I had just moved there from Fez because the words people used to describe the place were Europeans owned homes in the Old City, which they occupied in the summer, when the town was saturated in blue and the beach looked savage and grand. I repeated the word she had used, which I assumed meant “rape.” She nodded while I looked it up in my dictionary, but wasn’t there. — another name for Moroccan Arabic, the colloquial language that incorporates bits of Berber, French, and Spanish.

The rest of the year, you saw vacant homes and hungry people and heroin addicts. I stopped her on occasion to be sure I wasn’t misunderstanding her Moroccan Arabic. There were no academics in the town, and I didn’t want to be tutored by a man.

I said that I didn’t care what she did when she wasn’t tutoring me.

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