Sara khan and ashmit patel dating How to sign up to fuk fast for free

Veena Mallik and Ashmit Patel Who can forget the chemistry between season 4 contestants Veena Mallik and Ashmit Patel.This couple got all touchy-feely during the show, so much that the show host Salman Khan had to remind them that it is a family show.

But yes, someday, I would like to spend my life with a beautiful soul as physical connect is easy but what is needed is the spiritual connect, that is necessary.” When we further quizzed him about his one time girlfriend Veena Malik, he observed, “I was never dating Veena. In fact I am also working with Sara Khan in a movie and when you know people from before, the comfort level shows on screen.” Are you comfortable doing Punjabi films?

“Well, I have done films in English, Hindi and French, so I do not have an issue doing Punjabi films.

Apparently they continued dating after the show and were even contemplating marriage but rumor has it that they split last year.

Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tondon Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tondon were very open about their feelings during season 7.

As Bigg Boss adds more spice to it, there is astonishing news for viewers as well as inmates of the house in the show.

Yesterday we saw Sara Khan's beau Ali Merchant entering the house on a wild card.

Diandra even dragged Gautam to the bathroom to give him a 'special gift'.

Diandra was later taken out of the show due to health reasons.

There was even a controversial 'going to the bathroom together' episode.

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