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Formation: There are four formations to choose from; they are discussed in section XI. To play the English-translated version of this game, you'll need three things: 1. So Toei/Angel isn't losing any money by letting you play it this way. Note that you must press B to select another of your character's accessory spots to switch - a bit of a pain.

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Note that some people are concerned about the legality of these emulators. Accessories menu: Every ally can equip up to three accessories, which change her stats like strength, defense, and speed.

Select an item to use and you'll be redirected back to the main screen where you can choose who to use it on.

EP: Amount of Energy Points (used for magic) and maximum EP (since EP is always refilled, the current and max EP is always the same, and never more than 12.) LAP: Link Attack Power. (high Attack = high damage) Defense: How well she can defend against enemy attacks (high Defense = low damage taken) Speed: How fast the character is; the faster she is, the sooner in the turn she will act.

The higher this is, the more powerful linked attacks will be. Evade: The higher this stat, the less of a chance she will be affected by status changes. Techniques: Shows you which techniques are available for a character.

Sometimes you will start battle right after that, without having time to prepare yourself, so be careful!

v1.4: Corrected an error in the Accessories section. This game is a mostly standard Role-Playing Game (RPG). walking around, finding items and advancing the storyline; 2. Sometimes you will lose control of your character for a brief time, where one or more conversations will take place.Link Techs: Shows you which link techs have been learned (discussed in section X.) Puzzle: Shows you how much of the puzzle you have collected. Hints And Tips---------- If you're used to Final Fantasy or other similar games, you're in for a few surprises.There are 180 pieces to collect, but don't worry: most enemies will drop a piece. When the puzzle is complete, there's a man in the final palace who'll give you a prize (see walkthrough). Newbies should also tune in here, because there are some very important facts here and I'm not repeating myself. Select "Sort items" to let the game organize them for you. Your options are: Items Accessories Formation Status Techniques Link Techs Puzzle Save The Items screen gives you a list of your items. v1.3: Minor tweaking; announced new location of patch file. ) Added the hacking info thanks to Ryan Risk ([email protected]). v1.7: Finally updated with a disclaimer on the Nabu fight. Added info on a Life Crepe in the forest in chapter 3; thanks to m.c. If you're used to RPG's, I suggest you skip to section IV, with maybe a brief look at Section III. When you are attacked, battle (Mode 2 of this section) will commence.

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