Russian customs and traditions dating

While Russian is the official language, many Russians also speak English as a second language.

More than 100 minority languages are spoken in Russia today, according to the BBC.

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Founded in 1776, the Bolshoi Ballet is a classical ballet company based at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and known throughout the world.

The Mariinsky Ballet in Saint Petersburg is another famous ballet company in Russia.

There are nearly 5,000 registered religious associations in Russia.

More than half follow the Russian Orthodox Church, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Although these minority populations account for a small percentage of the overall Russian population, these languages are prominent in regional areas.

"Religion has always been a primary component of Russian life, even during times of oppression," Wagner said.The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reports that 77.7 percent of Russians are of Russian descent.The rest of the population consists of 3.7 percent Tatar, 1.4 percent Ukrainian, 1.1 percent Bashkir, 1 percent Chuvash, 1 percent Chechen and 10.2 percent other, while 3.9 percent are unspecified.According to 2014 data by The World Bank, the population of Russia is 141,049,000, a decline since its peak of 148,689,000 in 1992.Russia is home to at least 190 ethnic groups, according to the BBC.Tengrism originates from the Turk and Mongol populations of Central Asia and has enjoyed a revival in parts of Russia as it is seen as part of a certain Central Asian ethnic identity by some regional independence movements.

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