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Among those guests, included Rihanna and ‘s Erica Dasher and Rowly Dennis.Rihanna was still in town after headlining Radio One’s Hackney Weekend on June were crushed last week when ABC Family announced the show wouldn’t be returning for a second season — I coped with carbs — but fortunately, creator April Blair was more than happy to give Hollywood an exclusive breakdown of what we 1.

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We’ll definitely explore Jeremy and India.” Lastly, and arguably most important, is the eternal romantic struggle between Jane and Billy.

April says that, even though she feels the couple is “ultimately meant to be,” it’s not like they’ll be getting married anytime soon.

“The first episode back is about change, and changes in relationships.” Fans of Billy’s gravity defying hair can breathe a sigh of relief, though; his ‘do is one of many things that change, even after his trip to the youth detention facility. “The situation between Jeremy, Jane and India becomes more complicated,” she adds.

“India harbored all these secret feelings for him in the first 10 episodes, so her being blamed for what he did affects them.

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returns for the second half of its freshman season?

followed high schooler Jane Quimby (Dasher), who moonlighted as an executive assistant to a hotshot executive (Andie Mac Dowell) at a top New York City fashion house.

The ABC Family series left off with both Billy (Roux) and Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) professing their love for Jane (Dasher).

Now she must juggle her double life and hope she doesn't get caught.

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