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I may have been looking for definitions that do not yet exist.

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Explore responsibly wherever your heart is taking you.

The recent marketing campaign by pasty pushers Ginsters has produced a predictable avalanche of female anger on Twitter.

Being a bisexualist has nothing to do with the color of your skin, your gender, your income, your profession or even your taste in music.

Forget the definitions of who you’re supposed to love and how: Think and feel for yourselves.

A whopping 69% also said they would like a man who is "extremely protective" of his mistress.

Convenience, an institution that exists only on the screen right to the hot chicks in the state of web cam sur msn all of them but i'm sure you're.

On first reading, I was annoyed about what I thought was her inability to use a set definition of terms for sexual orientation.

On second and more readings, I see that Diamond really had nothing solid to go on.

I had tuned in just at the moment where Mike Szymanski was commenting on the reluctance of twenty-somethings to identify themselves as bisexual, preferring instead to avoid labels.

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