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They can entertain other ideas, without rejecting them and still retain their own. If you didn’t, maybe you should think about changing your type. Having experienced someone else’s life through abstract eyes, they’ve learned what it’s like to leave their bodies and see the world through other frames of reference.

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Your reader partner has their own interests and friendships, so you have some time and space for yourself regularly.

Book in both hands, your head staring down at the cover, back page or wall in front of you. You feel like a piece of you was just gained and lost.

Full from the experience, the connection, the richness that comes after digesting another soul. This type of reading, according to TIME magazine’s Annie Murphy Paul, is called “deep reading,” a practice that is soon to be extinct now that people are skimming more and reading less.

Readers, like voicemail leavers and card writers, are now a dying breed, their numbers decreasing with every GIF list and online tabloid.

These days, some people regard reading books as a quaint, old-fashioned activity; others see it as an indispensible exercise of intellect and imagination. They actively seek to absorb new ideas and inspirations …

Wherever you stand, you should know that an avid reader of books would make an exceptional romantic partner.

It seemed like a good idea, so why not include it and make it a songfic?

(You can hate me all you want for this because this is my first attempt at a songfic ._.

They have seen things you’ll never understand and have experienced deaths of people you’ll never know. Another 2010 study by Mar reinforces this idea with results that prove the more stories children have read to them, the keener their “theory of mind.” So while everyone thinks their kids are the best, the ones who read have the edge as they truly are the wiser, more adaptable and understanding children.

They’ve learned what it’s like to be a woman, and a man. Because reading is something that molds you and adds to your character.

You’ve just experienced something deep, something intimate. ) You just had an intense and somewhat transient metamorphosis.

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