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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis wants a judge to stop his child’s mother, Sharnika Kelly, from hiring a forensic investigator to review his financial records in an effort to obtain bigger child support payments.

Kelly asked the court to dismiss their original child support agreement because she signed it back in 2001 and alleges Ray Lewis never disclosed his full income.

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The maniacal middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens will undoubtedly suck up most of the air inside the New Orleans Superdome during Sunday’s Super Bowl when he smites the San Francisco 49ers with his fire-and-brimstone tackles and running commentary.

Lewis will be preaching the gospel according to Ray, which is open to interpretation by those who adore him and those who wish he would shut up.

“It’s awkward, it’s never simple with Ray, but we make it work because he’s got plenty of love for everybody.” Lewis’ long-absent father is at the Super Bowl, and Lewis, who refused to take his father’s last name, has reconciled with him.

His mother, who gave birth to him at age 16, is with him, as are his siblings, aunts, former coaches and teammates. Any time you can finish a career with your whole family by your side, that’s how you should do it.,” Lewis said. What counts is what you do with your future.” The one person who is missing is Lewis’ grandmother, Elease Mc Kinney, 72, a diabetic retired schoolteacher who is terminally ill in a Tampa hospital.

The impact leaves them breathless, either in awe or anger.

Whether football fans are dancing with Lewis or spitting at him, he captivates.

“It’s the ultimate.” Lewis, 37, was charged with killing two men on the night of the Super Bowl in 2000. Such polarizing extremes are deceiving, say those who have known Lewis since his youth in Central and South Florida.

“It’s complicated, he’s complicated, we are all complicated,” said Tatyana Mc Call, mother of three of Lewis’ sons and his former girlfriend at UM, in explaining how she, her boys, the three other mothers of Lewis’ children and their kids have gathered in New Orleans.

Leader, pillar, giver, the devoted dad he never had — Lewis has his believers.

Lakeland country boy, University of Miami playboy — which is it?

We go back to being the same ol Baltimore City again.

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