Irish free sex cam sites - Radajaxmanager not updating radcombobox

The demo below demonstrates that on AJAX call (click Button1) the $create functions for the three buttons will execute in the order they are added in the Rad Ajax Manager settings as updated controls and not in the original order that appears in initial page load : Since Q1 2014 release of the controls the both cases presented above could be handled by using the new Keep Original Order Of Script Descriptors During Ajax setting, which should be globally set in the web.config file under the app Settings tag: Note that you could not add control which is initially invisible on the page, to the Rad Ajax Manager settings.

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I set the control ID to the button click that is to be ajaxified, with the radgrid as the updated control and it worked beautifully.

3.7 SP4 and have developed a User Control with a Rad Combo Box and a Rad Grid to perform filtering of the records in the Rad Grid control.

I came across an issue with an aspx page containing a user control which had several parts of each ajaxified.

We needed to ajaxifiy a number of tasks for our users which also needed telerik content loading panels so the user knew something was happening.

A working solution would be wrapping the combobox and the controls that will be updated with an AJAX Panel.

You should, however, keep into account that you should not use the built-in callback machinism of Telerik Rad Combo Box along with Telerik Rad Ajax.

I have implemented Auto Post Back for the Rad Combo Box as well as the Checked Changed event for the checkbox in the Rad Grid.

I am using custom/advanced binding with a List collection and filtering records/data out of the collection using LINQ/Lambda expressions.

If I use the code without the Rad Ajax Manager, everything works fine except for the annoying complete page refreshes.

In order to remove the page refreshes, I have implemented the Rad Ajax Manager.

Expected result: postback transformed to ajax request Problem: full postback is performed in this situation.

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