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In any case of ambiguity or contradiction between the provisions of this letter of undertaking and the provisions of the regulations – the latter (the regulations, which constitute a binding legal agreement) shall supersede.f.

Minors are not permitted to sign up for the service and are requested not to provide any information of any sort.

The user may at any time remove the email address from the mailing list of the application through any of the following possibilities:25.

In the first entrance after signing up, the user will be required to self-identify using the email address and password which were entered when he signed up as stated (heretofore and hereinafter: “the first entry”).

After the first entry, entry will be allowed for the user automatically without the need for any identification process.

The partnership shall use the following items of information after the user has confirmed this for Facebook.

The partnership may use these items of information, all of part thereof, at its sole discretion, use all or part of it, and present and/or post it as it shall deem fit.

Without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, the partnership and/or the site does not undertake to use and/or present these items of information, all or part thereof.

Without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, the partnership has the right to use the information from the user’s Facebook account together with information which the user provided in his introduction card on the site and all this, also subject to Facebook’s policy which changes from time to time.26.Additionally, you agree that the information (including your name and photo) will be transmitted and displayed at the sole discretion of the partnership to anyone, including the users of the service, will be posted on the service’s Facebook page, and in any other manner, as the partnership shall deem fit to use the information.When purchasing the subscription with a credit card you will be requested to provide information such as your credit card number, period of validity of the credit card and the three or four last digits on the back of the credit card.A user may carry out actions with his card on all of the platforms of the service through the i Phone application, the Android application and the mobile adjusted site, as well as through the internet site.It is possible that there will be differences between the actions and/or applications which are possible on the different platforms.17.When signing up for the service through Facebook the person signing up must confirm delivery of details from his Facebook account to the service subject to the rules of the Facebook website.

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