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Despite the ever-present threat of HIV/AIDS, with the most recent reports suggest rates are increasing at almost 30% a year in parts of PNG, grinning potential customers wait to take the young sex workers to a private room 'If a girl goes skin-on-skin she is not thinking about her life,' says Bertha.

Most of the cases of violence against women happen on a weekend, when much of the male population of Papua New Guinea gets very drunk after the work week. Helen lost her leg during a fight with her drunk husband, Alai.

Alai chopped off Helen’s right leg with a bush knife in front of their young children who called for help.

Prostitution, brothels and homosexuality are all illegal in PNG, and women and men who choose to sell sex do so at their own risk and outside the health, security and other controls that regulate sex industries in other countries.

Bertha, a bright energetic and seemingly kindly woman in her 40s, is matter-of-fact about her role, and equally comfortable negotiating prices for girls with customers as she is dispensing condoms and 'safe sex' advice to her young stable of teenagers A USAID 2010 survey on this sector of the PNG community revealed that although many hide their sex work from their families and the community, more than a third reported being shunned by their loved ones, and the same proportion were denied medical treatment when a nurse or doctor learned what they did for a living.

In the guesthouse, rooms are just large enough for a single bed.

Greying, ill-fitting sheets barely cover the bed in one room, where a small bedside cabinet was empty except for eight condoms placed on top.She was introduced to the work by a cousin sister who took her down to the beach and showed her how to do it.Unlike Dorothy, Angela works 'plenty time' and charges between K50-K100 (A - A) to go with a customer to a nearby brothel or 'guesthouse', where rooms are charged out by the hour for K60 (A), condoms inclusive.Having been expelled from her community, it was a risk returning home but she had nowhere else to go.On her return, she lived in fear that she would receive further punishment.Alai was arrested by police, however after receiving treatment Helen left her home out of fear that her husband might be released.

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